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Well, everybody else has their stupid poetry online, so I figured
I may as well too! All is copyrighted by Karen Ruggero and can not
be used in whole or in part without  express and sole consent
 of such named.

The Heart's Whisper

Deny me not
For you are forever mine
Like a ship sunk in the sea
Engulfed in an ocean of my love
Deny me not
For you deny yourself.

Run not from me
For no matter where you go
Your heart will remain with mine
You will be empty without it
And I will miss the rest of you
Run not from me
For you run from yourself.

Bird of Prey

Never again
will I let you make me feel
so alone
Like a feather, fallen from your wings
that lays discarded
For my beauty shines without you still
By itself, for I am magnificent
And you are merely selfish
Adding me to your collection of plumage
Where I am but one of many
Perhaps I cannot fly now
But the earth is more solid
Than the air within your heart.


Days of Grass

Then there were the days of grass
There is only night
Chambers which were once my home
Are cold and stony tombs

Father, what is the sun?
How bright does it shine?
Mother, do you remember
the sea and the stars?
Can they ever be mine?
Long silent voices
Offer no answers.
I can no longer fear
What I have not seen

I escape
I dance
On a beach of salt and sand
And the skull smiles
Remembering life. . .

Capture comes quickly
I see and still do not fear
When you are done loving me
Will you set me free
So that I may dance again?


Resistance Fighter

It never mattered much. . . to me
At the time, I never knew why
Darkness seemed different once
But it was always strange
Back then. . .
Like fire caught within the rain.
Through those nights, there was always you
With your broken smile.
What were you thinking then?
What are you thinking now?

I'd travel across time for you
I'll help you find yourself
And when the world falls down in ashes
We will help it rise again.

What will it take to save you (my love)
I'm armed only with my heart
It's beating -- it's beating
It's beating louder than the storm
Raging closer. . .
Coming to take you away from me.
Our future is not set in stone
We can save your world
We can change it
We can set it free.


Affair of Honor

A falcon's wing
Feathers questing
For the slightest touch
of the wind.
Come alive,
Ride the air
to my heart
My bird of prey
My elegant, my master
So majestic, my slave
I am the Keeper of the Winds
But I am nothing
Without you.


She is like the sunlight
With that smile
and that hair
And I am like the shadows
Sometimes you barely know I'm there

She sparkles so, like diamonds
She is the spotlight
on the stage
But without me, she is nothing
When she leaves
I still remain

And I, I am the night
With one touch
I blanket all
But beside her
how I lessen,
I shatter then I fall.