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low, rumbling noises as logo starts very
small and comes towards you as sound crescendos.  Think THX sound (like when
 you go to the movies?) a' la
"DTMYLM" video intro.
crack of lightning breaks
apart logo and starts us into
a 30 second  dramatic, upbeat
mix of NR songs and images
montage of NR images
OR flashing pictures in sidebars
and album covers scrolling thru
the main frame
music and montage end abruptly
and end text fades up and then out again
leading into the main page of the site
or we could go with the text
approach as opposed to the lighting bolt.  There's a lot
of cool text effects!

another favorite concept of mine is the broken glass image.  Below is a painting
of a concept for a friend's CD.  
Maybe we could start out with --->
and then have this basic frame shatter into an image similar to my painting, only have the NR logo where Danny's face is and pictures of NR in all the glass fragments. Pregnant pause and all the pieces start falling off the bottom of the screen, leaving only the logo which then slowly moves up to the top left corner of what is now, the main page of your site. (wow, I kinda like that