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These are pictures that I'm particularly proud of.   Mostly done in college,
but there are a few more recent.

Sharon Lawler, my bestest buddy in the whole wide world, and looking quite glamorous at that I might add.

The multi-talented and wonderful Danny Danzi!  For more of my headshots of him, please check out his website at

"Navajo Indian" taken at a Native American festival
in Mt. Holly, N.J.

Of all the pictures (professional and amateur) taken at Lisa's wedding, she said this was her very favorite (even with her aunt's head in the way!)  I know I under-priced myself on this one but her joy over my work more than compensated.

Sharon again.  Definitely shows her personality!

My mom -- Mandy -- my idol, my friend, my inspiration, despite her protestations!

An orchid.
Taken at Longwood Gardens outside Philadelphia.

Dana Burns wanted to act.  At the time, neither of us were quite sure what a professional headshot should look like.  This wasn't it. exactly!  "Fade to black backgrounds are SO out!" said one of her teachers!