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Live Shots
Brad Gillis
of Night Ranger
Ventura, CA
September 1, 1999

Jack Blades of Night Ranger
Majestic Ventura Theater
September 1, 1999
Carlos Cavaso of Quiet Riot.  Birch Hill Night Club in Old Bridge, NJ
August 1994

What's his name from Firehouse.
Birch Hill Night Club
August 25, 1995

Stephen Pearcy
when he was with Arcade, Birch Hill
 OldBridge, NJ
November 4, 1994

Joe Lynn Turner
Six Shooters
Atlantic City, NJ
May 5th, 1995

Lex Luger with Tully Blanchard
Philadelphia Convention Center
maybe 1987?

Gary Moon of Night Ranger.  Not a great picture but it sure is funny!
Birch Hill